Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Relationship Trust BC First Nation Youth Grant Initiative 2011

The New Relationship Trust and the First Nation communities realize the importance of our youth. Accordingly, the NRT Board of Directors identified youth as a strategic priority. Our youth provide the key to a healthy and vital future. The ongoing support and participation of this group is essential to strong, healthy nations.

The New Relationship Trust allocated $250,000 for 2011 to assist British Columbia First Nation youth in their communities.

Who Can Apply?
The BC First Nations Youth Grant Initiative is available to all First Nation youth groups at the community level.

Maximum Initiative Contributions
The maximum amount available is $2,500 per First Nation/community.

Initiative Objectives
The purpose of this initiative is to provide incentive for First Nation youth groups to implement projects that promote capacity development.

For the purpose of this initiative, capacity building is defined as enhancing knowledge, abilities, skills and processes in such areas as:
􀂃 Leadership;
􀂃 Team building;
􀂃 Mentorship;
􀂃 Language & Culture;

Examples of Ineligible Expenses or Projects
1. Projects currently funded under another NRT initiative
2. Projects that have occurred prior to approval of application
3. Tuition, fees and school related costs
4. Administration costs
5. Honorariums

Deadline Date
Applications containing all required completed documents must be received at the New Relationship Trust office by 4:00 pm on Tuesday May 31, 2011. No exceptions.

Applications and proposals can be delivered by mail, fax, emailed or dropped off in person.
Only one application will be accepted per youth group/community.

Applications mailed to:
New Relationship Trust – BC First Nation Youth Grant Initiative
1008-100 Park Royal South
West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2

Faxed to: 604-925-3348

or E-mailed to: ARose@nrtf.ca

Application Checklist (Please submit all documentation in application):
- Completed Application Form
- Short Description (attached/typed) how funding will build capacity, leadership and/or mentorship for British Columbia First Nation youth at the community level. Description should be no more than 2 pages.
- Budget breakdown of all expenses
- Provide description of project, information about BC First Nation youth group and how the project will benefit BC First Nations communities
- Letter of support from the local BC First Nation government

Approval / Evaluation Process
Applications will be reviewed by the Selection Committee and must meet all project requirements.

Reporting Requirements
If successful in your application, your youth group will be required to submit a final report with participant and all financial information. The name of a contact person is also required for follow-up at the completion of your funded project.

The narrative report will discuss how the youth built capacity and leadership in your community. Other materials, including pictures, participant and project evaluations are also encouraged, and may be published in the NRT Voices Newsletter.

For more information or to download the application package please go to: http://www.newrelationshiptrust.ca/funding/for-groups-organizations/youth-grants

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