Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HUGE Youth Job Opportunity!!!

Production Assistant

STATUS: Permanent, Full Time – 8 month contract
LOCATION: Iqaluit,
SUPERVISOR: Kath Clarida, Producer/Director Trainer
DATE: Sept, 2010

Summary of Duties:

Under the supervision of the Trainer and Producer Trainee, the Production Assistant will help research and produce television programs.

The Production Assistant duties are but are not limited to:

- Identify story and program ideas;
- Conduct preliminary research;
- Schedule guests and interviews;
- Act as script assistant on remote and studio shoots;
- Locate or create props, furnishings, and sets;
- Design and produce graphics (including digital);
- Assist in the use of marketing tools including social marketing(Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
- Conduct interviews;
- Prepare tape transcripts;
- Write scripts;
- Host programs and segments;
- Log tapes;
- Paper-edit programs and segments;
- Edit Segments;
- Translate segments and or voice segments as needed;
- Act as floor director when required;
- Establish and maintain filing and record keeping system for programs.

This is exciting work and could lead to a FULL-TIME position after the 8 months if IBC/APTN likes whats been done!! The Production Assitant would work with the Producer/Director trainer for the project and will be working closely with the crew to have them take over the production.

If you or someone you know is interested contact Kath Clarida at:

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